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What Do We Provide?

We partner with clients to get product-market fit and accelerate growth.

Case Study: Fintech Client Raises $6.6mm on its Platform
Staff AugmentationStaff Augmentation
mernstackMERN Web Apps

Masters of Photography recouped its MVP Development investment in less than a week!

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Product Strategy

According to Gartner, “It costs $270,000 to design, build, and launch an app. Even after investing a quarter of a million dollars, only 0.01% of apps are actually deemed financially successful."

By applying elements of design thinking and lean methodology, we work with you to understand the market, the competitive landscape, trends, and the key pain points of the various stakeholders.


Armentum provides great value for a very reasonable price. I've done a ton of development with them and aside from the great value they provide, I've really enjoyed working along with their design and management team. They have made the input and management process as easy as possible.

Jacob Blackett, Holdfolio.com

Co-Founder & CEO

Revenue Engine

Through rigorous A/B testing, we will work with you to find the Product-Channel-Fit for your company. We test various channels like SEO, Inbound, PPC, and Outbound Email independently, and together to identify and build a Revenue Engine Strategy that can scale and provide the lowest customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Winning online goes beyond just building a product or delivering a service - Its delivering value. Armentum works with clients to build a scalable growth engine that delivers consistent revenue growth. Our Revenue Engine Strategy leverages different channels to attract, nurture, and convert customers.

Armentum’s Revenue Engine Development is output-driven and one that delivers results. Studies have proven that a site visitor decides in the first 15 - 20 seconds whether to stay on the site or leave. To capture the user's attention is paramount and hence all marketing strategists suggest highlighting the relevant information on the site on the homepage. We work on the proven principles and have successfully been able to enhance the visitor base of our clients and create a constant revenue stream.

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Strategy for Product DevelopmentStrategy for Product DevelopmentStrategy for Product Development

Mobile Apps

Our Bet on React Native...

React Native is truly a transformational evolution in cross-platform application development and Armentum highly recommends React Native. There are areas, especially around using third party IoT devices, where React Native has integration issues - in those cases - we are able to build that component in Swift for iOS and Java for Android and plug it into the codebase.

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React Native Apps

Web Apps

Our Bet on WordPress/PHP Powered Web Apps

Isn’t WordPress a blogging platform? Aren’t you supposed to use NodeJs or something like Python to build a web app? How can you build powerful Web Apps using WordPress

Let’s answer these questions one by one. WordPress surely began as a blogging platform and because of hundreds of thousands of developers continuously writing plugins and releasing open source code, WordPress has grown from a blogging platform to a platform through which you are able to build some solid Web-Apps. Billion-dollar companies such as Groupon began on WordPress. As WordPress is a CMS powered by PHP, we are able to write code, convert it into a plugin, and integrate it within our WordPress App.

Building out the web-app using WordPress mostly benefits non-technical teams because there is a simple interface for their dashboard making the launch of a Product-Market-Fit quicker and cheaper.

There are always instances where the use of Python, NodeJs, Scala, etc is better. For instance, with Fintech apps, Python is typically the preferred language of choice because it requires a lot of data processing. In such cases, we recommend writing specific features/functionality related to data processing on Python and integrating that within our codebase using APIs.

Marketing Website

For the majority of brick and mortar businesses, their website is just a marker to add the basic legitimacy that they exist, but that should not be the case. Your website should work to generate leads, nurture them, and incentivize them to reach out to you via phone/email or come see you at your store.

At Armentum, we work with our clients to brand their business as a world-class name and to leverage sales and marketing automation tools to generate leads and nurture prospects. Our engagements on Business Informational Sites typically begin with a one-time site set-up cost and we work with our clients on a monthly retainer to help them brand and generate leads.

We had the best agency relationships with Armentum because of their strong technical expertise, especially in DevOps. Happy that they were able to handle the large traffic we get on our web app.

Wordpress / PHP Development
Staff Augmentation

AWS For Engineers ...

Armentum has world class team of React Native, iOS, WordPress, and Node.Js developers.
Web and App Development

We have spent months recruiting the best of the best and developed intensive in-house training and mentorships programs so that our engineers can continue to upskill. For any team that handles in-house Product and need to scale their engineering teams FAST, the Staff Augmentation model works well. Our engineers plug into your team directly and that way you are able to scale up and scale down the team as required.

MERN Stack Web Apps

Armentum rapidly builds and iterates on web applications by leveraging the MERN Stack. MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js keep every line of code in JavaScript which means there is no context switching between client or server-side coding. MERN Stack equals speed; we are able to build applications that require heavy data processing without impacting the user experience because of dynamic data loading capabilities of MERN Stack. Since all the MERN stack components are open source, a large library exists that we leverage to build web apps faster and cost-effectively. The online community for Javascript continues to grow, which again allows us to move fast. Companies such as Netflix, Linkedin, Trello, Uber, and Walmart currently use the MERN Stack.